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PARX's EasyPark offers unique benefits :



Benefits to Consumers


  • Consumers pay for the exact time parked
  • EasyPark is simple to handle and user friendly
  • Using EasyPark eliminates the need for coins or change used in other parking solutions


Benefits to Operator and Municipality


  • Setup cost of the EasyPark system is lower than the cost of alternative solutions. There is no need to invest in expensive meters, pay-and-display machines or networks infrastructure
  • Minimal maintenance  costs as there is no need to repair faulty or vandalized machines
  • Low operating expenses; No cash collection expenses
  • Environmentally friendly - Eliminates use of paper, pay and display tickets and parking meters
  • Increased revenues from payments for "Short Period" parking sessions
  • No "downtime" which can be caused by broken meters or  failures in communication infrastructure 
  • No exposure to fraud or cash collection theft. The EasyPark system is highly secure, operating with the latest encryption and authentication technology. Data is only transmitted over secure and encrypted channels
  • On-line electronic reporting provides accurate information
  • Expandable to be used in parking lots as well as on street parking


Benefits to Fleets


  • Reduce parking costs and simplify  parking expenses data management
  • Reduces cash and paper handling
  • No need to reimburse employees for parking expenses
  • Parking data of employees is available online 24/7
  • Centralized  payment system of all fleet vehicles parking costs
  • Eliminates exposure to fraud by fleet drivers


Advantages to Parking Enforcement Officers


  • Easy, quick and efficient automatic monitoring
  • Greater productivity
  • Positive performance evaluation - measured by number of vehicles checked, not by number of tickets issued
  • Eliminates possibility of human error  due to the fact that both the handheld terminal and the parking device are electronic and transmission between them is automatic
  • Proof of parking - Parking violations can be written onto the EasyPark device by using the handheld terminal, even if the device is turned off and the battery removed; the electronic ticket provides evidence for both drivers and the parking operator in cases of parking violation disputes
  • Fewer traffic enforcement officers can check more vehicle