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A new PPP for PARX

PARX SPS Ltd together with its local partners has secured a PPP contract to manage operations and supply its EasyPark parking management system to a major South American capital.


EasyPark includes a credit card-sized electronic device that can be preloaded with parking fees and functions as an in-vehicle parking meter. Featuring a LCD screen and four functional buttons, the EasyPark device is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for the driver while reducing capital and operating costs for the service provider. In addition, PARX provides the EasyPark Mobile pay by phone system, a comprehensive enforcement solution and parking management Analytics.


"This new contract is in line with our growth strategy of entering long-term contracts for the supply of municipal parking management equipment and services," said Arnon Efraty, President of PARX SPS. "Our advanced parking technology allows us to provide municipalities a compelling value proposition in markets that are exhibiting strong growth."


"We have especially high expectations for the South American market, which represents a significant untapped market opportunity, The EasyPark Unified parking management system offers a unique combination of solutions which allows us to provide the best service to both municipalities and drivers."


PARX now serves more than 200 cities in 19 countries around the world, including France, Norway, Bermuda, United States, and New Zealand. For more information, visit


PARX SPS a subsidiary of ATRINET a global provider of Mobile Networks Management Solutions