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e- Vouchers are a special functionality of the EasyPark Mobile system. The e-Vouchers maintains the ease of use and simplicity of the "old " paper vouchers but without the complex distribution system, production cost and associated fraud problems 


The driver once parked is entering the closest Point Of Sale ( could be a newsstand , a kiosk or a coffee shop) where he can pay using any form of payment and the local operator will start a parking session for him for a pre defined period of time ( e.g. 30 minutes , one hour etc ) 


The parking officer carrying a special Smartphone application can check whether the parking vehicle has paid using an e- Voucher by sending the License Plate Number to the main server 


The e- Voucher can be also used as an electronic Permit (e.g. one week, month etc) 


Simple, Easy to use, Cost Effective - The EasyPark e-Voucher !!