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APS - Automatic Parking System

This PARX's patented technology offers municipalities the first parking management system that is generating and sharing real-time parking occupancy info, automatically settling payment and revolutionizing enforcement.


With only a fraction of the cost of P&D machines or parking meters, the EasyPark APS offers significant benefits and excellent ROI to the city and ease of use to the drivers.


The APS is based on an array of occupancy sensors installed at each of the monitored parking spaces. The occupancy sensors are providing the city's parking control center with Real Time Information on the status and availability of on street parking. Using this information the city's parking operator can manage parking and enforcement operations as well as make planning and strategic decisions on issues such as rates or adding additional parking options


Once a parking space is taken the occupancy sensor will also establish communication with the Easy park PPM (equipped with the wireless add on). Doing  so the APS actually "closes the loop" allowing parking fee payment without any driver's  active involvement (other than confirming the payment ) and with no extra transaction costs. If the payment is not confirmed a parking officer will be dispatched making enforcement a "by exception" process lowering costs and improving efficiency