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EasyPark Mobile

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The EasyPark Mobile is a state of the art mobile parking payments system.The EasyPark mobile  can be used either as a standalone parking payment method or in conjunction with other payment methods such as the EasyPark PPM, Pay & Display machines and even with single space meters.


The EasyPark Mobile can serve for both on-street and off-street parking. Being a mobile payment method connected to the user's secured private account, EasyPark Mobile can be used for other types of payments such as for mass transportation using the NFC capability of the phone, payment for bike rental, and more

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EasyPark Mobile provides drivers with  various input modes including interactive voice recognition systems, text messages (SMS), and a Smartphone app. EasyPark Mobile supports both pre-paid and post-paid options, and can be used either by registered users and non-registered occasional users.


In addition to payments Easypark Mobile  also serves as a real-time information tool for municipalities to reach out to their residents.



This is a major advantage to the city's management who wishes to have an efficient tool to inform and educate their residents.


The EasyPark mobile being a service being used daily and extensively by city's resident is an excellent tool for providing such real time information using a dedicated city-info section, managed  by the municipality 



 EasyPark Parking Assistant

Easy Park Parking Assistant is a  Smartphone  application with a wealth of advanced parking services:


  • Information on available on-street and off-street parking services

A search option is available for the user to check near-by parking options or to plan parking location in advance.


  • Smart parking prediction and navigation to nearby available space

EasyPark is capable of providing a real-time statistical prediction of near-by available on-street parking spaces and to offer the driver the best and quickest route with the highest probability  to find an available parking space.                                 

The precious time, gasoline and air pollution saved by this service is the best motivation for drivers to subscribe to this service.available parking spot around his destination.

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  • Back to car guidance

By using the built-in sensors of smartphones, (such as accelerometer, compass, GPS), EasyPark can automatically verify the exact parking space of the driver, without any involvement from the user's side.

When the user wishes to return to his car, EasyPark offers guidance back to his/her vehicle .


  • Social parking features

An important service based on social sharing features of EasyPark, is the option to automatically predict when the user is going to vacate  the parking space and to share this info in real-time with other EasyPark users.


Drivers in large urban metropolis who need to endlessly circulate with their car searching for available parking spot, will be willing to subscribe to such service in order to get timely information  about a space that is about to get free, to allow them to arrive there on time to occupy it.