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EasyPark Rover

Parking wardens need to supervise large areas a process  which is not only time consuming and expensive  but also has a negative  impact on the quality of enforcement work and as a result on the deterrent effect of efficient inspection 




PARX is providing its EasyPark Enforcement solution which makes the warden's activity much more efficient eliminating data input errors and providing on line , real time  control over the complete process


In order to allow coverage of  much larger areas , and provide capabilities such as detection of stolen vehicles , security alerts and various types of Analytics we propose the EasyPark Rover system 


 EasyPark Rover is a vehicle mounted , LPR based enforcement system which can substantially increase enforcement activity at a fraction of the cost of competing systems


The EasyPark Rover comprises a camera  capable of remote directional and zoom control (PTZ )  and a ruggedized computer system and processing hardware                                                          

The EasyPark Rover system can be installed on any vehicle including service vehicle used by other municipal departments and can reach a excellent reading accuracy regardless of the parking vehicle orientation 


The EasyPark Rover can be integrated with the EasyPark Mobile system to create a complete seamless solution