What our customers are saying

I'm a firm believer in technology and how it can better assist us as individuals. For Tw telecom, Easy Park has been a life saver in what it has done to make the my job, and the jobs of our technicians, more efficient.

My job as an office manager is already very busy so with Easy Park it helped to curtail all the extra expense reports submitted by our technicians in their work /parking downtown. This also assisted their pocket books and saves our company money in the long term. I would recommend Easy Park to any business with a staff that conducts hourly business in the downtown quadrants that Easy Park handles. The Easy Park device is "user friendly" and it appears to be the latest gadget on the market for companies looking to stay on the "cutting edge" with high technology while promoting work flow efficiency. I love this gadget! Thanks Easy Park!

Missy Hood

Office Manager

Tw Telecom

I wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with the EasyPark account and tags. Our techs are slow to adapt to change, but since receiving the parking tags in house, we have reduced our parking expenses by half and have not received a single parking ticket! (We were handing out about $40 in quarters each week minimum and paying a minimum of 1 parking ticket!)

The devices are so easy to use…the update process, parking history & adding of funds are built on user friendly platforms. I want to thank you specifically for taking the time to walk me through the process and all the helpful hints to make synchronizing the devices a flash.

We cannot thank you enough for the ease and adaptability of the program and hope Austin will adopt and embrace EasyPark! We want them here to stay!

Have a great weekend Marc…we will touch base soon!


Kristina Killingsworth

Project Coordinator

Platinum Processing Services, Inc

Thank you for getting in touch! I think the Easy Park system is just brilliant and a great solution to my volunteer program needs!

Jennifer Denton

Jennifer Denton, MPA

Communications and Volunteer Coordinator