Introducing Advanced Parking Payment Solution and Enforcement Package for Municipal Market! 🚀

We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation in the realm of parking management: an advanced parking payment solution coupled with a comprehensive enforcement package. To showcase the significant benefits it offers, we are thrilled to announce a limited-time opportunity for a FREE trial exclusively for municipal authorities. 

📱 Streamlined Parking Payments Made Easy: We understand the challenges faced by municipal parking management departments when it comes to handling parking payments effectively. That's why we have developed a state-of-the-art mobile application specifically tailored to meet your requirements. With our solution, citizens can conveniently make parking payments, extend their parking duration, and manage transactions seamlessly, all through their smartphones. Our goal is to simplify the parking experience for your community.

💼 Comprehensive Enforcement Package: In addition to our cutting-edge payment solution, we have also designed a comprehensive enforcement package specifically for municipal authorities. Our system empowers your parking enforcement officers to efficiently monitor parking areas, issue digital tickets, and maintain accurate records. By implementing our solution, you can ensure improved compliance, reduced violations, and enhanced revenue collection.

🌟 Benefits of the Trial: By participating in our FREE trial, you will gain access to a range of valuable benefits:

1️⃣ Hands-On Experience: Experience firsthand the ease and convenience of our user-friendly mobile application, tailored to the needs of municipal parking management.

2️⃣ Customization: Adapt the system to meet your specific municipal parking requirements. We offer flexible configurations and settings to ensure seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

3️⃣ Simplified Enforcement: Discover how our enforcement package simplifies ticketing procedures, improves accuracy, and provides comprehensive violation data for efficient management of your parking enforcement operations.

4️⃣ Analytics and Insights: Gain access to valuable data and reports, empowering you to make informed decisions, optimize parking resources, and improve overall efficiency in managing parking within your municipality.

5️⃣ Dedicated Support: Throughout the trial period, our experienced support team will be available to provide assistance, address your concerns, and ensure a smooth experience.

🗓️ Limited Availability: We urge you to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to join our FREE trial offer. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your municipal parking management operations with our advanced solution.


Easy Park is a fully integrated smart parking management system comprising all relevant aspects of parking operations from both the city's and driver's perspectives. The EasyPark solution is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) so the customer requires minimal infrastructure. 

The Easy Park solution comprises several modules that are fully integrated with each other: Personal Parking Meters(PPM), a Mobile  payments solution, the EasyPark Mobile including payments by SMS, IVR and Smart phone application, an enforcement system, various interfaces for gated "on street" facilities, several general management modules and   a sophisticated Back Office System.


The EasyPark Mobile is a state of the art mobile parking payments system. The EasyPark mobile  can be used either as a stand-alone parking payment solution  or in conjunction with other payment methods such as the EasyPark PPM, Pay &Display machines and even with single space meters.

EasyPark Mobile provides drivers with  various input modes including interactive voice recognition systems, text messages (SMS), and a smartphone App. EasyPark Mobile supports both pre-paid and post-paid options, and can be used either by registered users and non-registered occasional users.



Parking enforcement plays a crucial role in maintaining order and ensuring fair access to parking spaces within communities. It involves the implementation of regulations, monitoring compliance, and taking appropriate actions when violations occur. Effective parking enforcement contributes to smoother traffic flow, maximizes parking availability, and promotes safety.

The EasyPark Enforcement system  provides  a clear and efficient  parking enforcement methodology backed by city regulations and allowing efficient control of the parking enforcement resources


In the realm of parking management, data serves as the crucial driving force behind informed decision-making. However, the existing tools for generating parking information, such as manual parking surveys and occupancy sensors, present significant challenges. These traditional methods are not only expensive but also prone to inaccuracies.

Manual parking surveys, while once a commonly used approach, have limitations in providing up-to-date and comprehensive data. The time-consuming nature of manual surveys means that the information collected may quickly become outdated, rendering it less valuable for effective parking management strategies.

On the other hand, parking occupancy sensors offer real-time data, but their implementation is hindered by high costs and maintenance requirements. The expense associated with the equipment and the ongoing maintenance makes it impractical to install parking sensors except in high-demand areas like city centers.

Enter PARX, a pioneering solution that introduces a groundbreaking approach to parking management. Leveraging the latest advancements in mobile telephony and smartphone applications, Parx revolutionizes the way parking data is collected and utilized.

By harnessing the power of mobile technology, PARX eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure or physical sensors. Instead, it leverages smartphones as virtual sensors, transforming them into powerful data collection tools. With the Parx mobile application, users contribute to the creation of a dynamic and real-time parking information ecosystem.

The benefits of Parx extend beyond the collection of data. The mobile application also serves as a user-friendly platform, allowing drivers to access real-time parking availability information, navigate to available parking spaces, and even make reservations when applicable. The seamless integration of technology and user experience enhances the overall efficiency and convenience of the parking process.

Join the PARX revolution today and become part of the movement towards a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable future of parking management.


In today's bustling urban centers, the scarcity of parking spaces has become an ever-growing concern. The rising number of vehicles on the roads has intensified the competition for these limited parking resources, leading to frustration and inconvenience for drivers. However, there's a solution that aims to revolutionize the way we approach parking. Introducing EasyPark Private, a visionary platform that acts as a smart marketplace, connecting private parking space owners with drivers in need of a secure and affordable parking spot.

EasyPark Private addresses the challenge of parking scarcity by leveraging the untapped potential of privately-owned parking spaces. It provides a seamless and efficient platform for parking space owners to list their available spaces and for drivers to effortlessly find and secure a parking spot at a reasonable price. This innovative approach not only optimizes the utilization of existing parking resources but also creates a win-win situation for both parties involved.

For parking space owners, EasyPark Private offers a unique opportunity to monetize their unused or underutilized parking spaces. By connecting with drivers seeking parking options, they can generate additional income while contributing to alleviating the parking shortage in their community.

On the other hand, drivers benefit from the convenience and affordability offered by EasyPark Private. They gain access to a diverse range of parking options across the city, reducing the time spent searching for parking and minimizing the stress associated with finding a suitable spot. With transparent pricing and user-friendly features, EasyPark Private ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for drivers.

By effectively matching private parking space owners with drivers in need, EasyPark Private tackles the parking shortage challenge head-on. It promotes efficient utilization of available parking resources, reduces traffic congestion, and enhances the overall quality of urban living. Embrace the future of parking with EasyPark Private, where drivers and parking space owners come together to create a sustainable and accessible urban environment for all.


In the ever-expanding urban centers, the influx of cars into crowded city areas has created a pressing need for effective parking management. The management of parking spaces is crucial for ensuring the optimal utilization of limited resources within the city. Additionally, parking fees collection can serve as a significant source of revenue, allowing for improvements in traffic flow and parking infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of service for the community.

By implementing parking fees, cities can incentivize turnover and increase parking availability, mitigating congestion and frustration for drivers. The revenue generated from these fees can be directed towards improving parking facilities, expanding parking infrastructure, and investing in transportation initiatives that benefit the entire community. This symbiotic relationship between parking fees and infrastructure development paves the way for better urban mobility and an improved quality of life.

To facilitate the implementation of effective parking management strategies, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have emerged as a viable solution. These partnerships bring together the expertise and resources of both the public sector and private entities to optimize the utilization of parking resources. PARX, as a trusted partner, offers the necessary technology and management experience to execute parking monetization projects in the most efficient and effective manner.

Through PPPs, cities can leverage private sector capital and know-how to unlock the potential of their parking resources. PARX collaborates closely with its partners to develop tailor-made solutions that align with the specific needs and goals of each city. By providing cutting-edge technology and comprehensive management services, PARX enables its partners to maximize revenue generation, enhance parking operations, and improve the overall urban experience.

With PARX as a partner, cities can tap into the full potential of their parking resources while ensuring a sustainable and equitable approach to parking management.